Click the links below for examples of lessons and activities that are provided in the course. The course lessons are completed online. The activities are completed by the student and instructor (parent, guardian, or legal custodian) together in the vehicle.

Did You Know? This course is one of the only courses to offer text-to-speech narration for all the lessons. This course also offers multiple 3D driving videos from the driver's perspective. This makes the course more interesting and easier to learn than other courses that require the student to read through literally 1,000 - 1,500 pages worth of text. This course provides a better way of learning how to drive.
Check out some examples of the lessons and activities below. Be sure to turn your computer's sound on, so you can hear the audio in the lesson examples!

Maneuvers and Turning

This lesson covers the basic vehicle maneuvers and turning. It gives instructions for moving the vehicle forward, in reverse, and more.

(Watch Maneuvers and Turning Preview)

Lane Change

This 3D driving video presents the steps for making a lane change. It is displayed from the driver's perspective.

(Watch Lane Change Preview)

Traffic Signals

Understanding and obeying traffic signals is crucial for safe driving. This lesson provides an overview of the different types of traffic signals.

(Watch Traffic Signals Preview)

Driving Practices

Being mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to drive is important. This lesson covers the traits of prepared and unprepared drivers.

(Watch Driving Practices Preview)

Driving at Night

Driving at night requires special techniques. This lesson provides the student with procedures and recommendations for safe night driving.

(Watch Driving at Night Preview)

Vehicle Maintenance

Having a well-maintained vehicle is the first step in being safe on the road. This lesson gives step-by-step instructions for routine vehicle maintenance.

(Watch Vehicle Maintenance Preview)

Symbols and Devices Activity

Before starting to drive, the student should become familiar with the vehicle devices and symbols. This activity lets the instructor (parent, guardian, or legal custodian) demonstrate the various devices and symbols in the vehicle the student will drive. The student will then demonstrate a working knowledge of the devices and symbols.

(View Symbols and Devices Activity)